Home Health Clinic Nurse Manager

An established community based non-profit hospital in beautiful California is eager to hire a Home Health Nurse Manager for their outpatient Home health facility.

The Clinical Nurse Manger Home Health is truly a management role, duties include; responsibility of all staff, employees and volunteers, providing leadership and communication, as well as problem solving and conflict management. The Homecare Nurse Manager will be able to use many of their talents and skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking, coaching and education, marketing and business knowledge, and budget management to help grow the department.

Working with the Clinical Supervisors and the support of additional staff the RN Manager of Home Health Services will have an exciting and challenging career. They will work with nurse specialists such as Home Infusion Nurses, Palliative and Hospice Care Specialists, Homecare RNs, and other Home Health Supervisors and Coordinators. The Clinical Nurse Manger of Home Health will be a part of a team that prides itself on their commitment to each other and their community. The Home Health Clinic supports the whole person by caring for their mind, body, and soul. They truly believe that healing also comes from being surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones and incorporate this into their care on a daily basis for all patients.

Home Health at this hospital provides a range of services performed in the patient s home, such as skilled nursing, speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. The Home Health Services also has many specialties such as post-surgery care, fall prevention assessments, wound care, IV administering, Parkinson s Disease care, and Heart condition services. The Clinical Nurse Manger Home Health will oversee care and services for the multi-disciplinary Homecare team.

Not only is the Homecare department highly reputable, so is the hospital as a whole. The hospital has a whole-person model of care achieved through the harmonizing of patient care in all departments. The state-of-the art hospital is known for their heart care, intensive care, Medical/surgical, pain management, neurosurgery, urologic care, and cancer care. This is an established, high nurse retention rate hospital set in a beautiful part of Northern California where the Home Health Nurse Manger will enjoy building a career.

Don't Be Fooled

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